Marathon – 42K

Point Place Type Altitude Dist.from start [Km] Dist. to finish [Km]
Start Cheia Start 883 0 38,1
P1 Buzaianu Ridge C,A 1156 3,78 34,32
P2 Stanii Valley C,A,R 965 8,13 29,97
P3 Curmătura Văii Stânii C,A 1436 19,7 18,4
P4 Ciucas Chalet C,A,R 1613 23,7 14,4
P5 Ciucas Peak C 1954 25,6 12,5
P6 Ciucas Chalet C,A,R 1613 29,3 8,8
P7 Silva Chalet C,A,R,S 1277 33,3 4,3
Finish Cheia Finish 883 38,1 0

(*)C– Post Control, A-Water, R-revitalization post, S-Salvamont assistance

The track starts, following the blue tape marking that leads to Stanii Valley, through the Buzaianu ridge. From the Buzaianu ridge it splits from the semi-marathon track and continues in the right following the blue band until Stanii Valley.

After it passes the first checkpoint and supply point it climbs uninterruptedly on the trail marked with a red cross towards Tabla Butii until it reaches the forest track marked with a red band. From here you descend in Pasul Boncuta on the forest track that leads to Vama Buzaului; you follow this road (in the left, towards Poiana Stanii), approximately 3 km, until the first crossroad. From here you turn right and run in the valley following the blue tape marking that crosses through Cheile Vaii Stanii until reaching Curmatura Vaii Stanii.

From Curmatura the track changes on the northern side of the Stanii Valley crest, passing Izvorul Hotului, a place where you can refill you water bottles.

You keep following the track and, after you see the blue cross marking that leads to Vama Buzaului and a red cross marking comming from Culmea Gropsoarelor, you reach Saua Chirusca. From this point, in approximately 10 minutes you reach Ciucas chalet, the third supply point and checkpoint.

Afterwards you need to follow the red tape towards Ciucas Peak, the highest point of the track, 1954 m. From the peak you descend in Tigailor mountain saddle and from here you should follow the red cross track to the left, through Tigailor valley, first desceding then ascending to the left until you get again to the track marked with the red cross tape, close to Ciucas chalet.

From here you descend on the forest track marked with a yellow tape and a blue cross until you reach a signpost. Here you cross the water following the blue band track, you leave behind the forest track and start ascending in easy steps until getting to a clearing.

You descend from here and get to the Mt. Rosu chalet. You will find here a supply point.

From the chalet you strat descending on the track marked with a blue dot and you get to Cheia.


Ciucas X3 trail running event

Cheia, Prahova, Romania

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Ciucas Rock-Climbing and Tourism Club Ploiesti

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Cheia, Prahova, România

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